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Here is a brief explanation of the different gallery folders. PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING ANYTHING!!!!!

:bulletblue: DO NOT SUBMIT HERE!!!! This is for artwork that the founder and co-founder chose. Selections will be rotated every month or so. Also winners from contests will go here.

Hisagi Shuuhei Alone
:bulletblack: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Shuuhei by HIMSELF.

Hisagi in Groups
:bulletblue: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Shuuhei and others. NOTE: Any pictures that have romantic hints of any kind belong in one of the pairing folders. Fight scenes and pictures of two or more go here as well.

:bulletblack: ANY cosplay, whether it be of Hisagi alone, an Hisagi pairing, a group shot with Hisagi belongs in here.

:bulletblue: Any comic of Hisagi; including memes, doujinshi pages, or artwork that looks like a comic. (De)motivationals are not allowed.

:bulletblack: Any artwork (traditional or digital)  of Kazeshini by himself in SPIRIT FORM. Artwork of spirit Kazeshini and Hisagi as well as other spirits go here.

:bulletblue: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Kensei AS A CAPTAIN is accepted and belongs in this folder.

:bulletblack: Any writing belongs here. Hisagi must be one of the main characters. Any pairing is allowed.

Icons, Gifs, Stamps
:bulletblack: Any icons, gifs or stamps of Hisagi belong here. We don't accept manga traces and we don't accept edited screenshots. Stamps and pictures that contain backgrounds taken from the anime are a grey area, so those are allowed for now.

Hisagi and Cannon Hetero Couples
:bulletblue: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Hisagi and a CANNON female. No mature content please.

Hisagi and Cannon Yaoi Couples
:bulletblack: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Hisagi and a CANNON male. Must be soft and no mature content please.

Hisagi and OC Couples
:bulletblue: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Hisagi and an OC. No mature content please.

:bulletblack: Any artwork (traditional or digital) of Hisagi that is a cross between Bleach and something else.

:bulletblue: Anything that doesn't fit in any other folder, mainly plushies, clothing ect.

Previously Allowed
:bulletblack: DO NOT SUBMIT HERE! This folder is for artwork that used to be allowed but is no longer. If you wish to submit something that is similar to anything in this folder, you may suggest it to favorites.

If you have any questions, please ask before you submit! Thanks and have fun!!

AustraliumSiren and NejiRenji15
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Submitted on
October 8, 2012